Maria Mayer

Textile Design

Munich | Germany

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*1991 in Munich | 2010-2013 Trainee as Taylor for menswear, State Theater of Bavaria Munich | 2013-2019 B.A. Textildesign at Artschool Burg Giebichenstein Halle | since 2019 Freelance 2018 | 2020 Birth of daughter Aurora and Amanda Colourdesign | Materialdesign | Experimental Surfacedesign

Algae Pattern

Algae Pattern

With the project Algae Pattern, I dare to give new impulses for textile finishing techniques in the field of color and textile printing. The colored patterns are created by their own developed process from the raw materials of the red algae, which is applied by traditional printing techniques. The traditions of textile refinement play an immense role in our history. For centuries, color and pattern have been one of the most important cultural assets of mankind. For generations, we have drawn the resources for this from our nearby natural environment.

Through the synthetic production of color, we have succeeded in achieving perfection in reproduction, but the understanding of the resource of color and printing material for textile design is disappearing. To remind us of the power of our natural, seemingly simple raw materials, I dare to rethink and question the impulse of our industrial textile finishing techniques. ALGAE PATTERN demonstrates a circular design process that can create new potential for the textile industry from rapidly renewable and ecological resources.

In a sustainable production process, this also encourages further thinking about materials and the use of resources in the textile sector.