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Bags of Waste

Bags of Waste

by Thed Konings for CooLoo

With innovative production company CooLoo, Konings takes sustainable design a step further and has designed and made a series of Mobilier d’Art that is completely circular. For example, the Settee “Bags of Waste” is made from recycled material and the material can be completely reprocessed.

The base plate on which the mini-garbage bags stand is made of circular plate material from Ecor and the “waste bags” are made of used sandwich bags collected at the schoolyard, filled with waste from the upholstery industry. The settee is finished with crumbled waste leather.

Konings came up with the series following a number of conversations he had with Ricco Fiorito, the commercial director of CooLoo. CooLoo specializes in the processing of waste flows and converting them into new finishing techniques. Thanks to companies such as CooLoo, designers such as Konings have the opportunity to take sustainable design a step further and create actual circular designs.

In creating the Mobilier d’Art series for CooLoo, Konings has not lost sight of his knowledge, craftsmanship, and eye for detail: “every detail has been thought through and I hope it will not show,” says Konings.

With the Mobilier d’Art series, Konings hopes to make it clear that waste can be beautiful and useful, that designers stop thinking about sustainability and will choose the path of circular design.