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Paris | France

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Having graduated from the Design Academy of Eindhoven in the Public Private department in 2019, Lucas Zito is now exploring his own practice and defining what are the prin- ciples he stands by. Design can be, finding solutions to what a century of wrong decisions lead by capitalism and escorted by de- sign itself, have created. Nowadays, tools to research, create, prototype and en- gage with people are within everyone’s reach, including designers. To him the importance of creating a more sus- tainable future cannot be stressed enough. He is dedicated to learn and explore the new fields of de- sign that have gained in weight this last decade. Sustai- nable and circular design, system design, social design and many more. To him, we can, with the help of system thinking in design, create better models to implement ideas and solutions in society and not only in one’s practice. System design is fastidious and theoretical but it gives the opportunity to anchor real solutions to real problems and to reach to many gears of the contraption we are living in. This is the way he tries to approach design today, alone or in a team.

Cancer Objects

Cancer Objects

Cancer objects is about a serie of archetypal objects realised with dirty, recycled cigarette filters.

The goal of this project is to approach in a sensitive way the industrial possibilities with the recycling of the material used for cigarette filters, cellulose acetate.

It is also about being able to apprehend the after life of products, just like it is for a phoenix, cycles do not end where the extremities meet.

In this process, a specific part of the production line of cigarette filters has been isolated and reversed-engineered, in order to control this material in a very crafting way and create various archetypal objects such as lamps, containers and vases.