Wisse Trooster


Eindhoven | The Netherlands

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Wisse Trooster is a passionately curious designer from The Netherlands. Trooster works with a variety of materials and in multiple disciplines. On Isola Goes Digital he launches his Circular wall lamp collection and relaunches his 900 cardboard pendant, both products have a focus on sustainability.

Circular Wall Lamp Collection

Circular Wall Lamp Collection

There’s still the impression that, for a high-end design, choices have to be made between sustainability and aesthetics.

Wisse Trooster designed the Circular wall lamp without any concessions, showing the beauty of recycled materials. The collection is made with recycled acrylics and plastics.

Recycled materials are giving the wall lamp its frivolous and elegant appearance. Trooster selected sustainable acrylics and sheet material made from recycled plastic, such as plastic cutting boards, from the sustainable material collection of Pyrasied. The discs are combined with LED filament light tubes.

The Circular wall lamp can completely be dismantled and the components can be reused or recycled. Starting with the Circular wall lamp, Trooster will further expand the Circular collection with other fixtures and other recycled materials.