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Ming Hong Wu was born in 1984, Chunghua county, he is now an assistant professor of Chung Hua University department of industrial (CHUID). he has worked as a designer and an engineer at a building construction site.



As if it presents like the most ocean microorganism, such as Diaton, invisible to the naked eye but their mesmerizing forms and soothing movement perform like a micro-kinetic sculpture dot the ocean ornately. Echinoderm Organism is an ocean creature that synthesized our awareness and imagination toward the feathers of those ocean microorganism’s appearance included transparent, intricate, symmetry, and overlapping. Different from the marine invertebrates microorganism, Echinoderms Organism developed into the vertebral body. The body consists of the circular skeletal system and acanthoid cortex around the body, the circular skeletal system is constructed by 40 ribs isometric clips together with the ring spine around. Each rod of ribs consisted of the joint, tension bone, and cantilever bone, the ring spine is a concentric circle, the outer ring can divide into trisection and bundle by the core spine. There are two ligaments that go around the edge for keeping the body perform balance.