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STACKLAB was founded by designer Jeffrey Forrest in 2013. The Toronto-based art and design studio pursues conceptual projects spanning a range of scales and disciplines by working in close collaboration with regional experts in craft and science. STACKLAB's core design interest is material re-use.

Felt Collection

Felt Collection

The most recent innovative work to debut from STACKLAB is the Felt Collection which reinforces and further explores STACKLAB’S central tenets.

Felt is a collaboration with 2 local premium Merino wool manufacturers one based in Toronto the other in Upstate NY as well as Toronto metal manufacturers and computer programmers. STACKLAB identified surplus off-cut and end-of-bolt felted wood that, when stored, occupy significant factory space for these manufacturers. In turn, STACKLAB designed a computer aided system that makes productive (re)use of the off-cuts and end-of-bolt felt in the form of household furnishings. The Collection includes benches, stools, side tables and chairs. The Felt Collection has a distinct form logic that is completely and unabashedly linked to efficiency and re-use. Like all of STACKLAB’s work, the Felt Collection stands for something, and that message is clearly articulated in the form. 

The second generation Felt Collection set to be unveiled in late 2020 involves the use of an algorithmic application that will offer significant freedom to customize works in real time. The algorithm will expand the offerings significantly and will include a shift from steel to a more extensive library of recycled aluminum components.