Jesslyn Sutisna

Product Designer

Jakarta | Indonesia

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I'm an Industrial Designer currently based in Jakarta, Indonesia and I enjoy making "things". I believe that the "things" we surround ourselves with - even the most mundane ones each have a story and purpose. Jesslyn studied Bachelor's in Industrial Design (2019) at Rhode Island School Of Design.

Jiggle Box

Jiggle Box

This project focused on material-based investigations using cork from Portugal as the source material. I focused on manipulating the cork by experimenting with the table saw and cutting it in different patterns to see how it changes the nature of cork. 

The cube form makes the functional purpose of the object ambiguous, forcing the audience to interact and touch the material to discover that it reacts to weight and touch. The Jiggle Box can be stood on, sat on, hugged, pressed, and more. This project is one way to interpret the cork’s application but there are a number of ways this can be applied as a substitute material for other objects. I wanted to utilize the cork’s softness and bounciness as a seating that molds into a person’s body when you put weight on it.