Romy Kaiser

Material Design

Gothenburg | Sweden

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Romy Kaiser is a designer with hands - scientist in mind - activist at heart. The focus of her work lies on material innovation, sustainability and future textile thinking. Her latest Work Kera-Plast challenges the current norms and systems by creating a new material out of Human Hair.



The project Kera-Plast aims to re-loop humans and nature by questioning the current systems & ethics through materialist. Human hair, currently considered as waste, functions as the base for the material. A fabrication method was developed to turn Human Hair into a stiff material, reminding on plastic due to shine and translucency. Aesthetics of the resulting material are controlled and designed by traditional textile techniques as knitting, weaving and non-woven processes.

Materiality plays a crucial role in the daily life of our western society. The prognosis of a further rising population up to 11 billion people around 2100 (United Nations, 2019) increases the pressure on our current living and consumption systems. These must not only guarantee the supply of food and other material goods, but also have to preserve our earth as a resource for future generations.

In today‘s western society, our lives are guided by many preformed norms and established ethical standards, that stop our self-perception as being part of the world of nature. If we aim for living in a circularity in the future, it is time to rethink our systems with a new mindset.

We have to rethink out current mindset & systems. We are part of nature.

The project Kera-Plast calls for inclusion of mankind in the cycle by introducing Human Hair, currently treated as waste,  as a material base.