Maria Pita Guerreiro


Stockholm | Sweden

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Maria Pita Guerreiro is a Portuguese multidisciplinary designer, currently based in Stockholm, Sweden. Her interest lies in design as a medium for storytelling and a way of connecting different fields.

Mycelium Millennium

Mycelium Millennium

MYCELIUM MILLENNIUM imagines a new era in which biological resources, specifically Mycelium, are used to grow a collection of objects for everyday domestic rituals, merging biofabrication and craft.The project comes in an effort to demystify the transformation of an organism to a biomaterial and at the same time raise questions of aesthetics and cultural acceptance.

The mycelium material properties –antibacterial, fire-resistant, heat isolating and water-resistant– are incorporated in the function of each design. The collection focuses on ritualistic objects amplifying not only its material properties but also emphasising the importance of rituals in the human experience. The objects adopt antique symbols embedding them in a longer material history, that introduces the fungal material into the context of the home. While the collection attempts to stress longevity and resilience, it is integrated into a circular vision, where the material is sourced from nature and returns to nature.

MYCELIUM MILLENNIUM is an invitation to raise awareness for a material revolution, an opportunity to learn from nature and its potential, where products and objects could match the planet’s needs.

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