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Mykor Valentina Dipietro is a Biodesigner, Researcher and graduate of the Royal College of Art in Textiles (MA) and of NABA Milan, in Fashion Design (BA). Adopting an experimental approach, Valentina works at the intersection of biology and design to explore innovative and disruptive sustainable designs for products, interiors and architecture. Previously having worked as a Print Designer and Fashion Editor, she has recently been a Research Resident at Green Lab, London. At the moment she is freelancing as well as having started her own design and consultancy business. She is also a Visiting Lecturer at The Glasgow School of Art.



Mykor is an innovative biocomposite material developed to reconnect humans to their ecosystem. As more of us live in increasingly urbanised locations, we have found ourselves yearning to spend time surrounded by soil and plants, while breathing fresh air.

Mykor materials recreate the feeling of being in nature from within your house as they translate into homeware products, furniture and lighting. Mycelium, the “root” of mushrooms, has been used to bind wood waste with natural dyes. The mushroom strains used will bind the waste material, grow in the span of four weeks in the right environmental conditions, involve minimum use of water and air dry naturally.

These materials are fire retardant, insulating and sound-absorbing and are available in a range of attractive colours like indigo, rust and mustard tending to change base colour from a bright white to light cream, evolving in time. Produced with local waste and inherently carbon-neutral, they can be grown wherever needed and are easily decomposed.

These products are at the forefront of sustainable luxury where they are unique, grown to order, easily customisable and their manufacturing process uses up minimum water and energy resources.

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