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Amsterdam | Netherlands

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Rive Roshan is the artistic practice of Ruben De la Rive Box and Golnar Roshan. The studio creates to connect with people intuitively through exploring visual wonder as a means to emotional well-being.

Sand in Motion Bronze Edition

Sand in Motion Bronze Edition

3D printed sand is a technique typically used for creating metal casting moulds. The studio have inverted the process to revert back to metal, by using the mould as the form itself. The new editions are a wink to the origins of bronze casted sculptures.
Movement caught in a moment of time. Through an infinite technical and aesthetic possibility of 3D printing with the natural material sand, a collection of 8 collectible sand objects are shaped as functional art. The collection consist of various vessels, a chair, large mirror and side tables that are named after a particular movement that shaped their organic and kinetic identity, frozen in motion.

The sand objects consist of 98 percent Bavarian sand – an extremely soft white quartz natural material. Regardless of its fragile and tactile appearance, the object is amazingly strong. Through the process, the sand is 3D-printed within a box that gets filled with sand. Afterwards the pieces get excavated out of the box. The oxidization of the binder in reaction to the sand, makes the pieces turn black.